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Develop your way with work and travel experience

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We are a software development company that works differently. Our program participants join teams in special locations around the world. By providing our teams with a unique lifestyle that includes hospitality, travel, community life, and volunteering, we create excellent opportunities for professional and personal growth.


How does it work?

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Our employees come to “Stay House”, which is located on the beach of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, one of the most beautiful places in the world. You’ll work here with us for a period of 1-10 months.

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We fully fund our teams, from flights to accommodations, lifestyle, activities, and more. 

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In return, our teams work for a few hours per day on a variety of challenging technical projects.

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Our Work Method

At Stay House, you don’t have to work in a fixed routine. Our schedule is flexible!

Our teams live together next to our workspace, and the Stay day is filled with a variety of activities, such as travel, sports, cultural activities, workshops, and volunteering.

With our guidance, our teams manage themselves in handling development tasks and meeting project goals.


Schedule your work time in a way that works for you.

 Stay to volunteer

We believe that technology and education are the keys to a better future for all, which is why we established our "Stay for the World" educational program. The program is funded by our revenue, and our teams make a significant contribution by teaching local children subjects such as computer programming, English, and ecology.

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Why join our team?

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You’ll get the opportunity to work on an international team, experience different cultures, and meet people from around the world.

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Experience a unique remote work lifestyle enjoy fun activities like yoga, surfing, martial arts, hiking, meditation, enrichment lectures, and more

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Participate in a unique volunteering program and help children in the communities where we’re located.

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Create some great employment opportunities with Stay Careers and through the relationships of the companies we work with.

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Who we are looking for?

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UX/UI Designers

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Software Developers

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Mobile Developers

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Tech Leads

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Product Owners

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Scrum Masters

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Agile Coaches

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Data Scientists

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DevOps Experts

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Do you believe in our vision?

Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch. If you have any questions about our program, check out our Q&A page or send us an email

Thanks for your application we will contact you soon!

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